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Spectrum Labs helps a wide range of companies improve their retention, reduce toxic content, and analyze and optimize their user and community experiences. Click the link below and let’s get to know more about each other.
Retention AI

Retention, Engagement, and Revenue

You spend a lot of time and money getting new users to try your app, game, or platform for the first time. When they churn, it’s all wasted.

Amplify by Spectrum Labs is the world’s first Retention AI, built to craft and curate better, more positive user interactions within digital platforms and games. Amplify uses Spectrum’s industry-leading content moderation AI to remove toxic content and bad actors at scale, in any language — and also identifies users who are helpful, encouraging, and friendly so that they can be rewarded and paired with new users to create better game and app experiences.

Maura Welch VP Marketing
Together Labs

“By engaging our most friendly and helpful players using Spectrum Labs’ Healthy Behavior AI, we look forward to improving user experiences while increasing retention, engagement and revenue.”

A. Gallo

“Acquiring a new customer is 5%- 25% more expensive than retaining an existing one”

Retention AI

Retention, Engagement, and Revenue

Content Moderation AI

Scale Your Content Moderation

Guardian by Spectrum Labs is the most advanced content moderation AI suite of tools, allowing trust & safety teams to scale their content coverage by 3 to 8 times with the same sized team.*

Guardian uses Contextual AI, which factors user profile, conversation history, and platform metadata in addition to standard keyword-based models to identify and action context-dependent toxic conversations that other moderation tools miss. Hard-to-identify behaviors such as CSAM, child grooming, hate speech, radicalization, illegal solicitation, and spam pose a critical business risk to platforms, and are often undetected by other tools.

Guardian scales coverage with the only content moderation tool certified by a major insurance provider (Munich Re) to reduce risk. With patented multi-language adaptability, Guardian can quickly deploy global, high-quality content moderation AI at lower cost.

*Based on typical results of Spectrum Labs’ current gaming and dating client platforms. Content coverage may vary.

Geoff Cook CEO The Meet Group

“We turned to Spectrum Labs to algorithmically moderate names and stream descriptions across our communities, and we saw dramatic and instant improvement.”

Content Moderation AI

Scale Your Content Moderation

Behavioral AI For Brands

Measure Your Community Promoter Score

Brand CPS by Spectrum Labs unlocks hidden consumer insights within your user-generated content (UGC) to help brands identify online promoters and detractors based on real-world behaviors, not just polling data.

Using natural language AI, Brand CPS Insights detect positive and negative users in real-time, at scale, and across any language. Unlike social listening, which can’t discern recurring behaviors nor identify specific themes or user cohorts, and polling data that is time-consuming and is always out of date, Spectrum Labs Community Promoter Score measures real-time brand social engagement, which can help predict NPS.

Behavioral AI For Brands

Measure Your Community Promoter Score

Spectrum Labs’ platform enabled us to more confidently detect when in-text disruptive behavior has occurred, which led to 3.3 million time-based penalties in 2021.

Weszt Hart Head of Player Dynamics

Spectrum Labs’ product allows us to catch any malicious content early and act upon it as needed.

Theon Freeman Head of Community


Spectrum Labs was extremely easy to integrate. We were up and running in a few days.

Michelle Kennedy CEO and Founder

peanut logo

Overnight I saw a 50% reduction in manual moderation of display names.

David Brown SVP, Trust and Safety

the meet group-1

Spectrum Labs has brought a whole new meaning to the word partnership for me.

Aoife McGuinness Trust and Safety Manager


Solutions & Case Studies

From hate speech and radicalization to child grooming and spam, Spectrum Labs’ solutions reduce risk and create better user experiences customized to your platform.

Dating Apps

Top concerns:
Solicitation, hate speech, doxxing, revenge, CSAM grooming & underage users

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Top concerns:
Hate speech, radicalization, bullying, inappropriate content for kids’ games (profanity, sexual content, CSAM, child grooming, etc.)

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Top concerns:
Spam, scams, fraud, solicitation

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Social Media & Messaging

Top concerns:
Hate speech, bullying, violence, self-harm, inappropriate sexual, CSAM

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Consumer Brands

Top concerns:
NPS measurement, brand awareness, actionable community insights

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Why Spectrum

Why Spectrum Is Better

Less of the Bad

Scale your moderation to accurately cover more content

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More of the Good

The only AI built to amplify positive user interactions


Understand Your Audience Like Never Before

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