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Who we are

Spectrum Labs is a technology company, platform, and community whose mission is to make the Internet a safer and more valuable place for all. 

Learn more about our AI-powered technology for content moderation:

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Powerful technology for nurturing community

Toxic behavior has outpaced brands' ability to accurately recognize and respond in real time to every threat. Our technology, workflows and services help them safeguard user experience, ensuring communities are used the way they were intended. 

Spectrum's Core Values

These values not only reflect our personal ones,  but are also
key ingredients for a healthy, thriving online community.

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We excitedly seek out new opportunities and enthusiastically live up to our commitments and work through obstacles.





We earn the trust of our customers by being honest, reliable, and respectful. 

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We live up to our commitments and work through obstacles.

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We're in the trenches with our customers, sharing our knowledge, learning from them.

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We're fueled by a powerful desire to make online communities amazing.


Meet our team

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In Partnership

We're tackling a global, complex problem that can't be solved in a silo.

So we work together with other organizations — from research centers to

industry-focused collectives — to understand online toxicity and develop practical solutions.

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Launch consulting
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online dating association
shared hope
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