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Who We Are

Spectrum’s mission is to make the Internet a safer & more valuable place to build communities.

Our five core values are Trust, Grit, Collaboration, Growth, and Passion. These values not only reflect our personal ones, but are also key ingredients for a healthy, thriving online community.

Justin Davis, CEO

Coming off a successful stint at Krux (acquired by Salesforce for $800M) — where he led R&D for new products in data privacy, safe data sharing, NLP, and machine learning — Justin led product for the Salesforce Data Studio Platform, building it into a $15M ARR business. A product and data technophile, Justin believes that technology should be designed ethically, in service to solve real-world problems: after the 2016 election, he saw a chance for contextual AI to create a smarter, safer, healthier Internet, at scale. He tapped Josh Newman to co-found what is now Spectrum Labs. Prior to Krux and Salesforce, Justin spent a decade growing data-driven SaaS platforms in business development and sales engineering roles with Adobe, SAS, and Microsoft.

Josh Newman, co-founder & CTO

Josh lives and breathes the challenges of solving big, gnarly problems at scale, using and shaping data. Labeled as “one of the smartest software architects around, for big data” at Krux and Salesforce, Josh first began thinking about nefarious behaviors and data while he worked at the James L. Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, following his time in the U.S. Marine Corps. At the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Josh worked in the Counterterrorism group, researching chemical and biological weapons on projects for DARPA, Lawrence Livermore Labs, and other government organizations, publishing papers in Journals for the United Nations among others. After transitioning to tech, Josh spent a decade developing scalable data management and distributed systems at Vodori, Syapse, and Krux (acquired by Salesforce) and Salesforce.

In Partnership

We work with like-minded organizations to make the Internet a safer place.

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Our Initiatives

Throughout the year we examine interesting topics related to Trust & Safety at dating apps. These explorations help Trust & Safety professionals build a deeper base of knowledge to better serve their communities.

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