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Adapting to Covid-19

Here’s how your peers are doing it.

Your job was already challenging, then our world turned upside down. We connected with Trust & Safety teams across different industries to learn how they’ve adapted and distilled it into a white paper for you.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Emerging Behavior Trends
    The world has changed, and online users are reacting in new ways. We asked your peers what they are currently seeing.
  • Responding to Spikes in Volume
    With more people online, there is more content being posted. We’ll show you how to manage it.
  • Preventing Moderator Burnout
    With so much online toxicity, how do we take care of moderators’ mental health? Here’s how…
  • Methods for Moderating at Home
    At-home setups are crucial to continue being effective – and they require more than just buying a second monitor.

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