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moderating multiple languages on user generated platforms

Product Sheet

Behavior Detection

We detect complex, dangerous user behaviors that other solutions miss 

Some toxic user behaviors are easy to find, but others depend on context or happen over time.  Our advanced Contextual AI looks at metadata from user activity on your platform, like conversations, when and where they happen, and past user behaviors. 

This holistic approach reveals patterns to find behaviors that other solutions miss, like bullying/harassment, radicalization and CSAM.  Our configurable AI adapts to changing behavior and continues to improve over time; and provides a robust foundation for efficient, automated user-level moderation.

Learn more about our Contextual AI detection:

  • How Contextual AI is different from other solutions.
  • What is metadata and how is it used for detection.
  • Examples of Contextual AI in action.
  • Our extensive Behavior Library.

Download the product sheet to learn more.

behavior detection

Download the Product Sheet