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Measure reality
not just intent

Unlock the insights hidden within your user-generated content (UGC).
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Learn more about what your community thinks.

Spectrum Labs built Contextual AI to keep billions of users safe by parsing the content and context of online interactions. Our natural language AI detects positive and negative behaviors (not just keywords) in real time, at scale, and across any language.

Now, Contextual AI is available to help brands identify their online promoters and detractors based on real-world behavior – not polling data.

Your user content is a gold mine of untapped insight. For the first time, you can now see the signals within the noise and learn what your customers really think.

Behavioral AI For Brands

Real-time insight.
Real-world customers.

Poll data is full of depth and insight, but it becomes obsolete quickly and takes months to produce. New research also shows that poll responses, even a benchmark net promoter score, doesn't reflect what people actually do in real life.

Social listening is immediate, but provides relatively vague information about how a brand is being mentioned online. Keyword-based social listening tools are unable to identify cohorts of promoters and detractors, or find recurring themes in negative comments to better inform your business decisions.

It's time for a new measurement tool that combines the speed of social listening with the depth of polling, but with the participation of 100% real-world people who are actually interacting with your brand.

Introducing the CPS (Community Promoter Score). The first benchmark measurement of real-time brand social engagement comparable by company, brand, industry – or the internet at large.

Behavioral AI For Brands

Real-time insight.
Real-world customers.

Identify Customers Who Are Disappointed

Know which customers are about to churn.


Social media can have thousands of mentions of your brand every day. Most are neutral, some are positive, and others negative.

But what if you could identify the small minority of voices who are current customers and have just been disappointed by your brand? Those same customers usually are considering a move to a competitor at that moment – what if you could focus your customer service efforts on addressing their concerns?

Behavioral AI helps you target your efforts where you can make the biggest impact  – for your customers and your company.

“Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one."

A. GALLO Harvard Business Review

API access for immediate insight

Using webhooks and APIs, you can access analytics about your brand, products, customers, and competitors that you've never seen before.

All Community Promoter Scores are provided in comparison to the Spectrum UGC Index, the only benchmark index of positive/healthy to negative/toxic user-generated content across major internet platforms, games, dating, and social apps.

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