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Is your AI chatbot brand-safe?

Get conversational AI with brand-safe real-time moderation
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We keep billions of users safe online
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Do you trust a chatbot with your brand reputation?

Chatbots like ChatGPT provide human-like experiences for your customers, allowing you to offer personalized service at scale. But would you trust one to not say something illegal, inappropriate, or brand-damaging?

Trained on data from the open web, large language models (LLMs) have learned how to communicate using all of the biases, misinformation, and toxicity that is on the Internet. Unfortunately. bad actors are already prompting LLMs to produce scams, spam, and more harmful content.

So, how can you protect your customers and your brand while also making use of this amazing new technology?

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Block toxic prompts


Redact toxic chat responses


Chat within brand-safe standards

moderate toxic
Prevent illegal or inappropriate requests

Moderate toxic prompts

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Subversive users love to trick AI chatbots into giving illegal, toxic, and brand-damaging responses. By moderating human prompts with real-time actions (warn, show terms & conditions, redact, ban, etc.) you can minimize your brand risk before your AI chatbot even sees the request.

Prompt moderation can protect your brand from requests to make negative statements about your products, divulge proprietary information, talk about subjects that violate brand standards, and requests to help bad actors steal, cheat, or hack your platform.

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Real-time detection & redaction of toxic responses

Moderate toxic & illegal chat responses

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Protect your brand from unpredictable chatbot responses that may include illegal content, hate speech, profanity, violent threats, or other forms of toxic content.

From racial profiling in lending recommendations to age-inappropriate (or illegal) product suggestions for underaged users, there is an entire world of possible AI chatbot responses that can put a brand at risk. Generative AI (GenAI) such as ChatGPT is difficult to moderate for most content moderation tools because only a handful of flagged words or phrases can be blocked.

However, much of the risk from GenAI lies in how it can allow harmful behavior within a conversation even when no flagged keywords are used.

Only Spectrum Labs' Behavioral AI is built with both Contextual AI and aspect models, making it uniquely capable of moderating GenAI by using conversational context and metadata to detect intent and stop toxic behavior.

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Brand-specific AI models train your AI chatbot to speak as part of the team

The first brand-safe AI chat

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The world's only brand-specific AI training models allow you to customize your AI chatbot so that its responses fit within your brand standards, include your key messages, and respond to questions the way you'd want a human associate to do so.

With simple yet powerful configuration tools, your team will be able to further customize and train your brand models based on real-world situations so your AI chatbot can assimilate into a trusted role on your team where it can talk to your customers the way you would – and know when to bring a human into the conversation before any damage is done to your brand.

From simple brand-safety measures like removing toxicity to more nuanced instruction like promoting specific products or avoiding sensitive topics, your brand-safe training model turns a generic LLM chatbot into a brand-specific experience.

Custom proprietary Data built for your brand

Custom datasets to fine-tune your brand & products


Whether you have your own content and data or just know exactly how you want your sales chatbot to sound and what it needs to be an expert on, we can create a private custom dataset for you to train your LLM models quickly.

Whether it's labeling and annotation, data augmentation, or creating diverse datasets for a more robust experience – Spectrum Labs’ datasets are always GDPR and SOC2 compliant, scrubbed of all personally identifiable information, racial bias and toxicity. Kid-safe datasets are also available.

Learn More About Custom Datasets
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Real-time conversational latency

Real-time speed at global scale

AI technology

Part of the magic of generative AI is its speed.

Which is why any content moderation (of both human inputs and AI outputs) needs to be so fast that it's undetectable, so you can preserve the magic of the user experience.

Spectrum Labs processes thousands of messages per second and protects billions of users online daily across a wide range of games, apps, and social platforms. With a globally dispersed AWS infrastructure, no matter where your users are, their experience on your platform will feel instantaneous but also will be protected from hate speech, insults, threats, solicitation, and more.

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See full-spectrum behavioral analytics that show the entire user experience on your platform.
Measure and manage your brand experience with a quantified view of your community.
Identify areas of improvement and prioritize changes that will make the biggest impact.
360 chat analytics

Real-world insight into what your customers want

See full-spectrum behavioral analytics that show the entire user experience on your platform.
Measure and manage your brand experience with a quantified view of your community.
Identify areas of improvement and prioritize changes that will make the biggest impact.

When your customers interact with AI chat, they are directly asking for combinations of product features, benefits, services, and support that surveys can only approximate.

When AI chat conversations are moderated with Spectrum Labs' Guardian suite, not only will you help protect your brand and customers from toxicity bias and brand-damaging misuse – you'll also capture comprehensive data on what your customers really value when making their buying decisions.

Pair these product feature requests with your own CDP to create rich, personalized profiles that will better guide your future business decisions.

Example Use Cases

Guide site visitors through product options, help them schedule a visit or test drive, assist them through pre-qualification, financing, documentation, and delivery of their new product.

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Car Ecommerce
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Appliance Shopping
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Consumer Electronics

New Capabilities:

  • Al-powered salesbots scale the number of customers your human sales team can service
  • Provide personalized, continuous service throughout the entire sales process
  • Gain new insights about what customers want - and enrich existing CDP data

New Risks:

  • Bad actors trick the chatbot into violating laws or embarrassing the company
  • Chatbot produces biased, toxic, illegal or inappropriate content
  • Brand values are violated by chatbot resulting reduced brand value and trust

Easy API, decisioning, and webhooks

Implementing Spectrum Labs' solutions is easy through our well-documented API and webhooks which require only minimal engineering resources to get up and running.

Our API comes with a real-time decisions framework where you can configure complex business rules around the actions taken when a prompt or output is in violation of your policy. The API response will return a determination of the detected behavior and the action to be taken on it within 20 milliseconds.

Additionally, our event-based action framework allows you to set complex rules and fire off a webhook once those rules are met, allowing for complex workflows.

Spectrum Labs prides itself on its first-class customer support. All of our clients are provided with a dedicated solutions consultant who works closely with your organization from day one to help oversee the entire implementation phase.


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