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Community Health Assessment



Real-time brand insights from real-world people.

With deep behavioral insights built from AI models trained on one of the world's largest  UGC data vaults, Spectrum Labs will provide a first-ever 360-degree view of who’s saying what about your brands and products – both the positive and the negative. 

  • Compare your Community Promoter Score against the Spectrum Internet UGC benchmark Index to get a clear view of your brand’s health in online user chats and messages over time. 
  • Learn the difference between bad actors who are scamming or trolling your audiences and those who simply have complaints about products, services, or distribution that you should be aware of.
  • Discover which features your brand advocates are most excited about and who within your audience are actively inviting others to try new products, teaching them how to use them, and encouraging others to participate in your brand activations.

For participants in the beta pilot program, you will also receive audience behavioral analysis and recommendations on how to remove toxic content and users, address negative content and promote hidden advocates and brand ambassadors. 


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