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On-Demand Masterclass | Bringing Kindness to the Metaverse


Build a Competitive Advantage

with Trust & Safety

Wednesday, October 27th 2021 


An engaged and positive community can be a differentiator for a platform. However, Trust & Safety is sometimes viewed as a cost center rather than the revenue driver it can be. This can be a difficult attitude to overcome due to the lack of  support and Trust & Safety metrics everyone in the organization can grasp. An engaged and positive community can be a differentiator for the success of your platform. 

In this master class, learn from the experts on how to get leadership buy-in, XFN alignment, and strategy in making Trust & Safety a priority on your platform.


  • Kim Voll, Co-Founder, Fair Play Alliance and Advisor, Spectrum Labs
  • Jeff Hanlon, Senior Director Customer Care and Education, Together Labs
  • Rey Allie, Head of Trust & Safety, IRL

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Key takeaways from attending the master class:

  • Building key relationships and getting buy-in for XFN support
  • Metrics for evaluating success of Trust and Safety policies and implementation
  • Getting leadership buy-in to support long term efforts in creating a better user experience

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