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Complying with Online Safety
Government Regulations


As governments worldwide continue to regulate how platforms need to protect their online community, it can be challenging to keep up. Knowing what these regulations are and how they will affect your team and your company is imperative. Lack of compliance can lead to hefty fines or removal from the app store, so staying on top of government reporting requirements, along with tech and product updates necessary for your platform, is critical to your company's success/survival.

In this master class, you will learn from the experts what these current and upcoming online safety government regulations are all about. Especially the Digital Service Act coming into effect for most platforms in 2024, one of several regulatory developments that will require platform updates to data and analytics as well as the production of a transparency report. The list of expectations can feel immense, but compliance doesn't fall on the Trust & Safety team alone. It takes alignment across tech, product, policy, user experience, and leadership to set the foundation for platform updates to prevent fines when new regulations are enacted.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of current regulations: COPPA, GDPR, SESTA FOSTA
  • Overview of upcoming online safety regulations, including EU DSA, UK Online Safety Bill
  • How user safety teams will be affected by these new regulations
  • What engineering, product, policy, and trust & safety teams can do to prepare for compliance and get alignment across teams
  • Appeals and redress for DSA compliance
  • The impact of regulation on data privacy
  • The importance of a 3rd party review board, data & analytics, and transparency reports


  • Kevin Koehler, Oversight Board, Facebook
  • Aoife McGuinness, Trust & Safety Manager, Wildlife Studios
  • Ryan Treichler, VP of Product, Spectrum Labs

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