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We can help you boost user retention and revenue by using AI to improve user experiences without changing your platform's existing design, interface, or mechanics.



We make the internet a safer and more positive place for users and brands by using advanced Natural Language Understanding AI to remove toxic and promote healthy user content. Contact our team to learn more about our technology.



We partner with leading data science, cloud computing, Trust & Safety, and non-profit organizations to help us create the best solutions for our customers. Contact our VP, of Revenue & Partnerships to inquire about partnership opportunities.



If you are interested in featuring Spectrum Labs or a team member in your upcoming article, press release, or conference, please contact our PR team.


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Spectrum Labs’ platform enabled us to more confidently detect when in-text disruptive behavior has occurred, which led to 3.3 million time-based penalties in 2021.

Weszt Hart Head of Player Dynamics


Overnight I saw a 50% reduction in manual moderation of display names.

David Brown SVP, Trust and Safety

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Spectrum Labs has brought a whole new meaning to the word partnership for me.

Aoife McGuinness Trust and Safety Manager

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