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We can help you recognize and respond to toxic and healthy online behaviors

in your community more accurately and faster.


On average, we help Trust & Safety teams scale coverage of content up to 5x more across toxic and healthy online behaviors.

At Spectrum Labs, our goal is to make the Internet a safer and more valuable place for all. Contact us to learn more about how our customizable AI solution can help your content moderation team:

  • Detect complex behaviors including CSAM, Hate Speech, and Radicalization.
  • Prioritize actioning high-risk users with user-level moderation and reputation scoring.
  • Scale coverage of content across multiple languages, number of users, and behaviors.
  • Identify and encourage healthy online behaviors to increase user retention.
  • Measure moderator efficiency with data and analytics.


"Spectrum Labs’ platform enabled us to more confidently detect when  in-text disruptive behavior occurred, leading to 3.3 million time-based penalties in 2021."

Weszt Hart, Head of Player Dynamics, Riot Games


"Families choose our apps because they keep children safe while empowering them to experience the fun and connection of technology. We partner with Spectrum Labs because there's no better solution for protecting kids online."Kinzoo Sean Herman

Sean Herman, CEO, Kinzoo

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