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Get custom labeled datasets to fine-tune your models

Clean, GDPR and SOC2 compliant data, from your proprietary source – or custom-built for you.


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Our AI keeps billions of people safe online
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The quality of your data determines your model performance

So you want to build a chatbot... but it can’t sound like ChatGPT, give incorrect answers, violate laws, contain racial bias or say something horrible that will damage your brand.

Performance all comes down to data. Do you have enough of it? Is it diverse enough? Is it well-labeled? Is it free of personally identifiable information, toxicity, GDPR and SOC2 compliant? Is it safe for use in a kids app?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you should reconsider launching your chatbot.

Whether you have proprietary data (or content) or just know clearly how you want your chatbot to sound and what it needs to be an expert on, we can help.

Choose from pre-cleaned general datasets or we'll build a custom dataset using your own content, UGC, sales transcripts, chat data, expert content or brand guidelines – all cleaned, compliant and ready to go.

Every brand should have a voice. We can help make yours.

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Custom data - yours or ours

Keep your data proprietary as we prepare it for LLM fine-tuning. Or use one of our pre-cleaned, GDPR and SOC2 compliant data sets which we'll customize to fit your requirements and use-case.

Whatever size you need

Get a non-restrictive, private LLM scaled – and diversified – to whatever size you need... and built to match your end user profile, brand requirements and use case. Need help training? We can do that too.

De-Biased, GDPR & SOC2 Compliant

As the leader in Trust & Safety AI, all Spectrum datasets are scrubbed of PII and racial bias, hate speech, child grooming and other toxic behaviors are removed – across languages.

Bank Assistent
Keep your data private & proprietary

Custom Datasets From Your Data

Bank Assistent

Whether it's sales call logs, user-generated content, expert articles, proprietary process documentation, real-world financial data, expert medical content or even just detailed product manuals and FAQs we can turn your valuable, proprietary content into a clean, labeled, de-biased dataset that's ready for model training.

And if you need to scale your dataset we can create new diverse data based on your lookalike specifications to however many parameters you require. 

Need help using this to train models or fine-tune your chatbot? We can help with that too.

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Custom dataset creation that fits your users and use-case

Create a brand voice that knows your product

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Your customers want to talk to you. More specifically, they want to chat with your brand, get help understanding your products, find the quickest solutions to product issues and get help - when they want it - navigating your branded experiences.

Spectrum Labs can help build a diverse custom data set designed to fit your customers, your brand and your products. If you have your own user-generated content we can start there. If not, don't worry - we can create a custom-labeled data set built from your customers' age, education-level, languages and interests and help you train it to become an expert in your brand and products. It can also become an expert in your customers' favorite artists, lifestyle choices and interests. 

And because it's Spectrum Labs, all of our datasets are built with privacy in mind to be GDPR and SOC2 compliant, kid-safe (on demand) and free of racial bias and other toxic content.

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Custom annotation across languages

Choose the custom labeling option that’s right for you

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Proper labeling is what makes it possible for your custom dataset to be used to train a much larger LLM to become your brand’s voice for sales, service, social media and more.

When it comes to data annotation, Spectrum Labs can scale a solution that works for you, your specifications and your budget.

Choose from any combination of No Label (you label it yourself) datasets to Programmatic Labeling (Spectrum’s AI labels it for higher volume at lower cost) or Human Labeling (For very high precision). Similarly, you can opt for No Review, Programmatic (AI/ML) Review or Human Review depending on your requirements.

Regardless of your custom label choice, all Spectrum Labs datasets are provided free of PII and toxicity so they are GDPR and SOC2 compliant.

Simple to implement

Make it easy with APIs & webhooks


Getting a proprietary foundational model up and running sounds pretty difficult, but the engineering team at Spectrum Labs have been building simple and fast APIs for real-time content moderation for years.

With a simple implementation and clear instructions on what you'd like your LLM datasets to be like, we handle all of the backend work of sourcing the data (if needed), ingesting it (if you have your own), processing and labelling your data to fit the behaviors you'd like to configure, extracting all personally identifiable information (PII), de-biasing and removing toxicity as the new dataset is built.

For IT teams that can do the rest, there's not much more to it. But if you need help using this to train your models, configure and fine-tune, our AI/ML experts are here to help.

Learn More about our technology

Sample Use Cases

Just a few examples of how Spectrum Labs Data-as-a-Service can help
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Sales Chatbot: Car or Appliance

Guide site visitors through car options, help them schedule a test drive, assist them through pre-qualification, financing, documentation and delivery of their new car.

Coming Soon

In-Game Guide: From Kids to 18+ RPG

Kids can have a child-safe ChatBuddy in game to make friends and show them around – and warn them of danger. RPGs can have a guide to get them to the next level.

Coming Soon

In-App Helper: Dating App Wingman

From setting up your profile, to giving you tips on breaking the ice or even what not say, your Wingman can help find what you’re looking for - and alert you to scams and creeps.

Coming Soon

Expert Search: Legal, Medical, Product

Turn a website of expert financial, legal or medical content into a friendly and knowledgeable branded chat. Turn sales and support call logs and product manuals into a product expert chatbot.

Coming Soon

Brand Voice: Brand Social Media

If your brand were a person who would she or he be? Maybe a 19-year-old skateboarder who knows all the hottest bands and memes? Or an educated 35-year-old professional? Create your brand voice chatbot.

Coming Soon

Character Chat: Characters come to life

From children's characters to brand mascots to movie heroes, your biggest fans want more interaction with their favorite fictitious characters… Now they can talk to them on demand.

Coming Soon

Easy API, decisioning, and webhooks

Implementing Spectrum Labs' solutions is easy through our well-documented API and webhooks which require only minimal engineering resources to get up and running.

Our API comes with a real-time decisions framework where you can configure complex business rules around the actions taken when a prompt or output is in violation of your policy. The API response will return a determination of the detected behavior and the action to be taken on it within 20 milliseconds.

Additionally, our event-based action framework allows you to set complex rules and fire off a webhook once those rules are met, allowing for complex workflows.

Spectrum Labs prides itself on its first-class customer support. All of our clients are provided with a dedicated solutions consultant who works closely with your organization from day one to help oversee the entire implementation phase.


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