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Virtual Demo

Voice Chat Moderation

December 7th 2021 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

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Voice features are becoming more prevalent on platforms with user generated content but it can be difficult to moderate accurately and consistently. This is because it's a nascent field with technological and policy complexities a like.  

In this live 20 minute demo followed by live q&a, Katie Zigelman, Head of Solutions and Ryan Treichler, VP of Product Management will showcase Spectrum Labs voice moderation solutions, including how it works, how we landed on our approach and walk through a real Trust & Safety use case.

What you will learn in this demo:

  • What to think about when deciding if you can or want to start voice moderation
  • How Spectrum Labs detects toxic behaviors direct on audio and utilizing tried and true contextual text AI via transcription 
  • An example of how the voice moderation tool works

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