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Child Safety Product Overview

May 25th, 2023 | 8 AM PT / 11AM ET | Virtual Zoom Webinar
Daniel Foppen Director of Product Marketing, Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs collaborates with the world's leading platforms to support their trust & safety teams in implementing effective child safety programs. Leveraging a unique AI-driven approach, our platform identifies a variety of behaviors impacting children's well-being on online platforms on an impressive scale.

Join our product overview session to explore the key aspects and challenges of child safety in online communities and discover our innovative approach and technology.

In this webinar, we will learn how Spectrum Labs Guardian AI can:

  • Detect complex behaviors like CSAM, bullying, radicalization, and more.
  • Detect underage users with our under 13 and under 18 solutions.
  • Scrub PII data of all users.
  • Set up customized actioning, including real-time, automated, and more to-scale coverage.
  • Can implement with your in-house AI through API or webhook.
  • Provide analytics and reports for moderation efficiency, behavior detection overview, and more.

Please note that this live webinar has limited space and will not be available for streaming afterward. Register now to secure your spot.

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