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moderating multiple languages on user generated platforms

Solution Guide

EU DSA Compliance

Spectrum Labs helps companies plan their DSA Compliance strategies for when the EU Digital Services Act takes effect on January 1st, 2024.

The EU Digital Services Act will include content moderation requirements for online platforms to detect and remove terrorist content, csam, and illegal hate speech. In addition to content moderation requirements, companies will also need to provide reports on the platform's user behaviors, and a published transparency report.

If companies do not comply with the new regulations, they can be fined up to 6% of annual revenue.

Spectrum Labs is helping online platforms create and implement a tailored solution to achieve compliance with the EU Digital Services Act.

Our real-time, automated AI solution:

  • Detects and flags complex illegal behaviors in text and voice.
  • Provides immediate coverage across regions with a patented multi-language approach.
  • Automates moderation action against toxic users.
  • Creates visibility into what's happening on your platform through analytics and reporting. 

Download the solution guide to learn more.

eu digital services act

Download the Solution Guide