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On-demand Fireside Chat:  Extremism in Online Communities 

How Trust & Safety Managers
Can Identify and Counteract
Extremism in their Communities.


Mike Signer
Founder, Communities Overcoming Extremism Project

Online platforms are increasingly targeted to convey extremist ideology and radicalization. In order to build and maintain safe, inclusive and engaged online communities, Trust & Safety professionals must understand the behaviors that undermine their efforts.

In this fireside chat, listeners will learn about behaviors associated with online extremism including:

  • Difficult-to-identify precursors to extremism from Mike
  • Trust & Safety's role in identifying and responding to it from Daisy.

About the Fireside Chat 

In this fireside chat, Spectrum Labs' Director of Community, Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin talks about extremism in online communities with Mike Signer, the founder of the Communities Overcoming Extremism project.

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