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GamesBeat Summit

May 22nd-23rd, 2023 | Marina del Rey, CA
Justin Davis Co-Founder & CEO, Spectrum Labs
Jeremy Micley CRO, Spectrum Labs
Daniel Foppen Director of Product Marketing, Spectrum Labs
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Othmane Rifki Principal Applied Scientist, Spectrum Labs
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Tim Cook Head of Solutions, Spectrum Labs

We're excited to connect with the gaming industry's leading voices at the annual GamesBeat Summit; an event focused on exploring the future of gaming, fostering innovation, and strengthening community ties. Looking forward to inspiring discussions and knowledge-sharing! 

Fill out the form to meet with us in person or virtually to learn more about Spectrum Labs.

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The tidal wave is coming - is your player community ready for generative AI? 

As generative AI technology progresses, the gaming industry is witnessing a rapid increase in AI-generated content. This surge in player content presents both opportunities and challenges for gaming platforms. Join Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for GamesBeat, in a fireside chat with Justin Davis, CEO of Spectrum Labs, as they explore the impact of this AI-generated content explosion and discuss strategies for preserving platform integrity and fostering a positive player experience.

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