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Is your platform ready for

Generative AI?

Introducing the world's first moderation solution for AI-generated content.
We protect billions of users online

Generative AI Moderation by

Generative AI (GenAI) apps like ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 are ushering in a new age of content creation.

While GenAI will enable a new frontier of creativity, it also will be used as a tool for bad actors to scale toxic behaviors such as hate speech, radicalization, and spam to industrial proportions. This will lead to additional pressure on Trust & Safety teams who are already stretched too thin across their operations.

Spectrum Labs is piloting the world's first moderation tools for AI-generated content (AIGC) to help platforms maintain their communities without being overwhelmed.

Prevent toxic prompts inputted into your AI

Automated moderation of human inputs


Spectrum Labs' Guardian content moderation AI is used for real-time behavior detection, decisions, and actioning at a global scale. Our technology helps protect online games, apps, and platforms from toxic and harmful behaviors by leveraging state-of-the-art transformer neural networks.

As a first line of defense, our real-time API detects harmful behavior and returns an action within 20 milliseconds – about 5x faster than the blink of an eye.

For GenAI applications, our technology enables platforms to maintain near-zero-latency human-to-AI interactivity while preventing users from entering prompts that would generate harmful content.

Redact toxic outputs before they're seen

Automated moderation of AI-generated outputs


Moderating inputs for toxicity is not enough. Outputs should be scanned as well, especially when the content is not generated by humans.

Today’s keyword-based moderation tools will be of limited use for Generative AI. GenAI technologies have been shown to produce convincing arguments in favor of toxic concepts without hitting any flagged keywords:

  • With subversive prompt engineering, users could create poetry that implicitly expresses hatred towards certain minorities.

  • An AI-generated marketing blog post might contain language that opposes the company’s brand.

  • An AI-generated sales email might mention something that is insensitive to an ethnic or religious group.

  • A search engine augmented with Generative AI result summaries might give descriptions that are in conflict with a company’s values.

Spectrum Labs’ Behavioral AI has been trained with billions of data points to detect a range of both harmful and positive behaviors on platforms that host user-generated content (UGC).

Our track record of working with the world’s largest platforms in gaming, dating, and online marketplaces makes us uniquely qualified to help safeguard against harmful AIGC.


Custom-labeled datasets


Your AI is only as good as the data that powers it.

If you’re looking to build your own AI-powered tools, you’ll need to have robust, diverse, and accurate datasets that reflect well upon your brand. Poorly labeled data can render your AI unhelpful or even turn it into a liability.

Spectrum Labs offers custom-labeled datasets that are tailored to your business and fully compliant with global regulations. Whether you need general datasets or specifically focused data for your market, we’ll provide you with datasets to help ensure your AI runs in an effective and reliable manner.

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Brand-safe chatbots


Chatbots can be risky – they’re great for personalization, but the last thing you want is a chatbot saying things that go against brand guidelines or hurt your company’s reputation.

Right now, chatbots can provide human-like service to your customers at scale. But without proper precautions, bad actors can manipulate your chatbot into posting illegal, toxic, and brand-damaging responses.

Spectrum Labs now offers chatbot-specific moderation that monitors for harmful prompts, redacts toxic chat responses, and trains your chatbot AI to correspond with on-brand language.

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Identify bias in your AI and retrain it


Bias is built into GenAI because it's been trained on data from the open Internet. We all know there are pockets of toxic communities everywhere.

Unfortunately, even the biggest Large Language Models such as GPT-4 are unable to detect their own bias since any assessment around bias would be based on the same biased data set. That’s why an expert perspective is needed to highlight biases.

We provide that perspective through our proprietary data vault, which is the world's largest data set for training AI to parse healthy and harmful behaviors on platforms that host UGC. Our data vault boasts a diverse array of content from online gaming sites, dating apps, social media platforms, messaging apps, and marketplaces to learn a full range of user behavior.

When your GenAI is moderated through Spectrum Labs' Guardian solution, it can learn what is toxic, what is biased, and what is healthy or positive… Not just keywords, but conversational nuance and intent.

Real-time conversational latency

Real-time at global scale


A big part of GenAI’s appeal is its speed. That’s why any content moderation (of both human prompts and AI outputs) needs to be fast enough that it's undetectable and preserve the real-time user experience.

Spectrum Labs’ API returns a response within 20 milliseconds, making it truly real time. Our platform processes billions of API requests daily and protects billions of users across a wide range of online games, apps and platforms.

With our global AWS infrastructure, your user experience around the world will be seamless while also being protected from hate speech, violent threats, illegal solicitation, and more.


Get a full picture of how users interact with your platform


Spectrum Labs' Guardian AI is the only solution that offers comprehensive 360° analytics of how user behavior (good and bad) impacts your platform's KPIs like user retention and engagement. 

When used to moderate GenAI, Guardian will capture deep insight on what type of content people are asking to be created, for what purpose, and how it's used.

By combining 360° analytics with your platform’s own metadata, you can see what content your users want to generate, which themes they engage with most, and which users are generating content that is driving your community experience – both positively and negatively.


Easy API, decisioning, and webhooks

Implementing Spectrum Labs' solutions is easy through our well-documented API and webhooks which require only minimal engineering resources to get up and running.

Our API comes with a real-time decisions framework where you can configure complex business rules around the actions taken when a prompt or output is in violation of your policy. The API response will return a determination of the detected behavior and the action to be taken on it within 20 milliseconds.

Additionally, our event-based action framework allows you to set complex rules and fire off a webhook once those rules are met, allowing for complex workflows.

Spectrum Labs prides itself on its first-class customer support. All of our clients are provided with a dedicated solutions consultant who works closely with your organization from day one to help oversee the entire implementation phase.



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