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White Paper

The State of Online

Safety Regulations

Learn more about Online Government Regulations and how to help ensure your platforms compliance.  

We know that getting a grasp on government regulations can be an overwhelming task for platforms. In this white paper, we aim to help by offering an in-depth review of current and upcoming regulations, such as the EU's DSA, California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, Australia Online Safety Bill, and more. 

Download this white paper to gain an in-depth review of:

  • Current user safety laws, such as SESTA, FOSTA, The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, and the Australia Online Safety Bill. 
  • Upcoming user safety laws, the EU Digital Services Act, and the UK Online Safety Bill.
  • Current privacy laws, GDPR, and US Consumer Data Privacy Laws

Additionally, we'll cover:

  • Consequences of non-compliance, such as costly fines and removal from app stores. 
  • The impact of these government regulations on Trust & Safety teams. 
  • Important factors to consider when turning to third-party partnerships.
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