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Healthy Behavior AI

Boost user retention with Spectrum Labs' Healthy Behavior AI

Healthy Behavior AI for Trust & Safety Teams

Encourage healthy behavior to build a thriving online community

Building a safe and welcoming platform involves more than just eliminating harmful behavior. It also means identifying healthy behavior and promoting it among users to create a more enjoyable experience.

First-time visitors are 6x more likely to return if they have a positive experience. 
So, how can you encourage healthy behavior?

Learn more with the Healthy Behavior Solution Guide


Retain New Users at a Higher Rate

Make a good first impression by matching new users with communities and members who have high reputation scores.

Boost Platform Engagement

Increase meaningful engagement from users by incentivizing positive and healthy behavior such as rapport, teach & invite, and acknowledge & encourage.

A 360° View of Your Community

Combine healthy behavior and toxic behavior detection to fully understand user behavior on your platform.

Spectrum Labs Healthy Behaviors AI

Spectrum Labs is the only content moderation solution that encourages healthy user behavior with AI detection, analytics, and actions that Trust & Safety leaders can use to improve user experiences.

Better user experiences lead to increased retention, more engagement, and higher revenue.

Contextual AI

Spectrum Labs uses contextual AI to look at the context around keywords and increase the accuracy of detecting toxic and healthy behaviors.


Spectrum Labs works across 30 different languages, so your community can grow globally without losing any Trust & Safety capabilities.

User-Level Action

Spectrum Labs enables your platform to have a proactive approach to content moderation by assigning user-level or bulk actions to remove toxic users and reward healthy behavior.

Easy to Implement

Spectrum Labs' Healthy Behaviors AI can be added as a standalone product to your current content moderation stack, or our team can provide a 360° solution to detect both toxic and healthy behaviors.

Measurable Value

Spectrum Labs can document full user behavior analytics to track the ROI of your Trust & Safety policy and content moderation solutions.

Fully Scalable

Spectrum Labs provides Trust & Safety solutions that can grow and accommodate any platform, whether it's a small niche community or a large worldwide institution.


About Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs harnesses the power of data, AI, and community to rebuild trust in the Internet, making it a safer, more valuable place for businesses, consumers, and societies. Spectrum Labs’ AI-based Trust & Safety platform identifies toxic behaviors across languages, text, and voice, enabling Trust & Safety teams to collapse content moderation costs by 50% and increase detection of brand-destroying behaviors by 10x. Request a demo with our team to discuss your user safety goals.

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