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 Initiatives are deep dives into topics relevant to Trust & Safety professionals.

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Mental Health Awareness

In support of Mental Health Awareness month, we are raising awareness of the mental health challenges faced by two key roles in the Trust & Safety world: Content Moderators and Data Labelers. These roles encounter the worst of the Internet day after day. Here’s how you can support them.

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Caste Discrimination in Online Communities

Caste Discrimination, the act of treating members of certain Indian caste members poorly, happen in online communities despite significant legislation designed to curb discrimination online and in real life. Here, we explore this aspect of India’s culture, reveal examples of its expression online, and show how you can address this behavior in your own community.

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Gaming's Unique Trust & Safety Challenges

The video game industry has unique Trust & Safety challenges. These challenges have been exacerbated with the uptick in play caused by COVID-19. This initiative explores them, surfacing lessons learned from the past and highlights some considerations for current times and the future.

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#SaferInternetDay and Pledge

This month, we are inviting online platforms and communities of all sizes to commit to returning the Internet to a place of healthy connection, free from hate speech, harassment, predators and trolls — beyond just the hashtags of a single day. This collection of content outlines our effort to transform #SaferInternetDay into #SaferInternetDecade.

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Human Trafficking Prevention

January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month. Online communities can unknowingly help traffickers find and exploit victims. This collection of content, ranging from blog posts to podcast episodes, will help you understand how it happens and how you can stop it from happening in your online community.

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Did you know that 59% of U.S. teens have reported being bullied or harassed online? Online harassment is more than empty words behind a screen — about 30% of online bullying victims said they feared for their lives. This collection of content explores Cyberbullying and the tactics you can use to prevent it from happening in your online community, now.

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