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Bad Actors

On-Demand Master Class 

Recognizing and Responding to Different Types of Bad Actors

Bad Actors. They are a tiny portion of your community but absorb most of your time. Spectrum's studies have shown that 1% of users are responsible for 80% of harmful behaviors. 

Let's change that.

In this master class, Tara Brannigan, Director of Player Experience at Behaviour Interactive, and Brittany Galvan, Director of Trust, Safety & Support at YouNow teach you how to identify the different kinds of bad actors faster and manage them more efficiently. 

A few key takeaways from the master class:

  • People don't read your community guidelines so it's important to integrate constant reminders into your platform such as on game loading screens
  • When dealing with VIPs/Influencers, remember that your community is watching to see how you're going to react
  • Have internal trust and safety alignment with marketing and account managers to protect your brand image as you respond to online toxicity

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