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Spectrum Labs Appoints Jeremy Micley as CRO

By Ashley Pierson

MIAMI, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectrum Labs, the leader in Behavioral AI, today appointed enterprise SaaS veteran Jeremy Micley as the company's first-ever Chief Revenue Officer. Micley joins from influencer marketing company Mavrck, where he helped to raise the largest round in the influencer space and handled multiple successful acquisitions. He joins Spectrum Labs at a time when the company that pioneered Contextual AI is expanding its solutions to leverage its AI-driven content understanding and apply it to user retention, experience optimization and revenue amplification.

"Spectrum is pioneering Behavioral AI to enable enterprises to automatically understand user content and interactions to make communities more positive, which makes sites more sticky and profitable. With my background in influencer marketing, the potential of this Behavioral  AI made this too good an opportunity to turn down," said Jeremy Micley, Spectrum Labs' new Chief Revenue Officer.

Based on its unique ability to derive intent from both context and content, Spectrum Labs recently launched Amplify: a solution that facilitates positive user interactions on platforms to drive retention, growth, and average revenue per user. Riot Games, Together Labs and YikYak are among those companies to have deployed Amplify's Positive Behaviors AI on their platforms.

"Jeremy joins Spectrum at a growth phase and his experience working with clients such as TikTok, Disney and Walgreens will be invaluable in helping us scale our existing efforts in both Trust & Safety as well as innovating new brand measurement tools based on real-world user conversations to help brands and platforms better understand and engage with their communities," said Justin Davis, CEO and co-founder of Spectrum Labs.

Spectrum pioneered Contextual AI to identify hard-to-detect behaviors such as child grooming, solicitation, spam/scams, bullying and hate speech. With billions of user messages from global gaming, dating apps, social media and messaging platforms training its Natural Language Understanding AI, Spectrum's proprietary data vault provides a contextual understanding of both negative and positive behaviors. which can be used to foster retention and loyalty by creating more positive user interactions.

About Spectrum Labs
As the leader in Natural Language AI, Spectrum Labs harnesses the power of data, AI, and community to build a better Internet, keeping billions of users safe online and making it a more valuable place for businesses, consumers, and societies. Using contextual AI and its newest innovation, Healthy Behaviors AI, games and apps can remove toxic users and content at scale while building positive user interaction into their design to drive retention, revenue and engagement through more positive user experiences. Let's build a better internet – go to to learn more.

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