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Age Does Matter:

Online Child Safety Best Practices

On-Demand Master Class | September 2021



Do you know that underage users commonly lie about their age? From industry research across social platforms, we found that 9% of underage users engage in sexual conversations, and that 83% of those conversations are with adults.

It's up to us to moderate and change that.

In this master class, our very own Head of Community, Matt Soeth, moderated a discussion between Spectrum Lab's new expert advisor and Founder of SOSA, Roo Powell, consultant and Lead of Data for Good, Lisa Thee, and Director of Research at Spectrum Labs, Kris McGuffie.

They discussed best practices for platforms for age gating users, how to support minors online, how platforms can engage with youth to talk about their online experiences and how the reporting tools work.

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  • Ways to detect children, even if they lie about their age
  • How to stop, report & prevent crimes against minors
  • How you can protect children's experiences & increase parents' comfort level

Watch the On-Demand Master Class