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Hate Speech

Preventing caste discrimination online

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Changing behavior and changing lives

Together, Spectrum Labs and Social Media Matters, an Indian non-profit working for social change, have built the world's first anti-caste discrimination solution. 

Caste Discrimination, Explained

Beena J. Pallical is the General Secretary of Economic and Educational Rights for the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR). Beena gives us a background on caste discrimination — where it comes from and what it looks like in online.

listen to the origins of caste discrimination
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Fighting Caste Discrimination

Amitabh Kumar, the founder of Social Media Matters, has dedicated years to working for positive social change. Here, he shares an update on his organization's efforts to help Dalits.  

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Solution Walkthrough

Katie Zigelman, Head of Solutions Architecture at Spectrum Labs, discusses the many aspects of building our anti-caste discrimination model, like data labeling, character-based models, platform integration, and the unique challenge of detection across multiple languages.

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Together, we can make the Internet a safer and more valuable place for all.

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