Master Class On Demand

Using AI to Recognize and Reward
Pro-Social Behaviors

Recorded on December 1st, 2022

December Masterclass  Using AI to Recognize and Reward Pro-Social Behaviors (10)-1

“Acquiring a new customer is 5%- 25% more expensive than retaining an existing one” - – A.Gallo; Harvard Business Review

Marketing teams put time and money into gaining new users, but if the user is flooded with toxic messages, they may not return. Creating a friendly and positive community falls under multiple departments - policy, product, engineering, etc. Not only is it important for these teams to align on the types of behavior defined as toxic and positive, but to also be able to implement the AI behind the detection to accurately remove toxic users, and encourage positive users. With the alignment and tech in place, marketing teams can better analyze the impact of content moderation on retention, engagement, and revenue.

In this master class, expert speakers discussed:

  • Scaling behavior detection for toxic and pro-social behaviors.
  • How platforms drive retention by promoting online collaboration.
  • Measuring ARPU to quantify positive social interaction vs. toxic UGC's impact on overall retention, engagement, and revenue.
  • Optimizing KPIs without changing game design or mechanics.
  • New model implementation as an addition to your current content moderation solutions.

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