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Recorded on March 15th, 2023

Scaling Content Moderation AI: An Engineering Stack Breakdown

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Whether you work on the product and engineering team for an indie gaming company or large scale gaming corporation, building Trust & Safety to scale as your user base grows is critical for your players’ experience as well as regulatory compliance across the world.

In this master class, Spectrum Labs and AWS will talk about the unique needs of game developers whose games serve a wide variety of different player types and are played across multiple countries and languages. How can game companies use the same technological infrastructure to maintain user safety worldwide while providing the flexibility needed to adjust content moderation needs by age range, language and regulatory environment?

Community Health on AWS reference architecture augments existing content moderation pipelines, providing an end-to-end solution that uses AI natural language processing to detect harmful and positive behaviors in player-generated content like direct messages, in-game chat, and usernames.

Learn how a customer working with AWS and Spectrum Labs technology together pioneered one of the first game industry transparency reports, a coming requirement for DSA compliance in Europe in 2024. 

In this master class, you will learn:

  • Technical considerations in implementing a scalable content moderation solution that can adapt to different player ages and game communities.
  • Technical requirements/achievements that make it possible for gaming platforms to adapt to so many different types of games/users/communities.
  • The architecture and implementation of Spectrum Labs AI as an AWS customer.
  • Data processed with AWS allows for the scaling of billions of messages.
  • AI detects toxic and positive behaviors across multiple languages with real-time actioning.


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