Spam Detection

Stop spammers from interfering in user engagement

Spam Detection

Block unwanted content before it impacts your users and your brand

Spam appears in many forms on social, gaming, dating and marketplace platforms. Spammers use chat rooms, profile descriptions, posts and comments to detour users off your platform or disturb user conversations. 

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Identify Attempts to Lure Offsite

Find comments and posts that include an external URL, username, payment platform, email address or phone number.

Flag Repetitive Messages

Efficiently manage repeated messages in group or room chats with user-level moderation tools and automated bulk actions.

Drive Immediate Impact

Use ghost comments and shadow bans to remove spam efficiently without alerting spammers to adapt. 

Spectrum Labs Spam Detection Solution

Our Trust & Safety experts help you configure AI spam content moderation for your community.

Contextual AI

Maximize spam coverage with AI analysis of metadata, offline data, frequency and more.

Adaptive Detection

No need to update keyword and expression lists; handles emojis and l33tspeak, and evolves with changing spammer strategies.

Efficient Action

Trigger automated real-time, user-level and bulk actions to stop spammers while reducing effort for moderators.

Measurable Value

Keep users on-platform and engaged, protect your revenue and preserve your brand quality and reputation.

How it works

Spectrum Labs Spam Detection Solution
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Spectrum Labs harnesses the power of data, AI, and community to rebuild trust in the Internet, making it a safer, more valuable place for businesses, consumers, and societies. Spectrum Labs’ AI-based Trust & Safety platform identifies toxic behaviors across languages, text, and voice, enabling Trust & Safety teams to collapse content moderation costs by 50% and increase detection of brand-destroying behaviors by 10x. Request a demo with our team to discuss your user safety goals.

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