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An exclusive community for Trust & Safety professionals to connect from all over the globe.
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Over 600 Members and Growing

#TSCollective unites professionals that have a passion for building safer online communities from gaming, dating, marketplace, social media, and online media industries and geographies, including North America, Latin America, United Kingdom, European Union, and Asia Pacific.

Brittany Galvan Director of Trust & Safety

"Joining the T&S Collective has been such a great experience - it's incredible working with my peers to find solutions for emerging issues."

Jeff Hanlon Sr. Director Customer Care & Education

"The TSC has brought me a community I didn't even know I needed. What started as a way to share ideas about Trust & Safety has turned into a movement to make the Internet a safer place for everyone."

Laura Higgins Senior Director of Safety Community and Civility

"There are significant benefits to joining groups like the TSCollective. Whether it’s knowledge sharing through webinars, exploring challenging topics together to create best practices, or generally supporting one another as we try and build healthy and safe communities, collaborating with other professionals helps the industry as a whole." 

Aoife McGuinness Trust & Safety Manager

"TSC allows T&S leaders from all over the world to share the challenges and problems they face and receive valuable real-time feedback and advice."

Emily McDonnell VP, Trust & Safety

"#TSCollective is the T&S community I've been looking for. It's full of such experienced professionals that you're sure to get any question you may have answered and find the right folks to partner with to tackle hairy problems."


Over 600 Members and Growing

Why join #TSCollective?


Educational Webinars

Monthly educational webinars focusing on Trust & Safety topics presented by industry expert speakers. These sessions are not recorded and journalist free, creating an atmosphere for members to openly ask questions and discuss the topic.


Networking Events

Members receive exclusive invitations to in-person happy hours in major cities such as San Francisco, New York, London, and more. For those who can't travel to our in-person events, we host virtual happy hours, wine nights, and beer tastings.


Membership Portal

The membership portal provides members with a space to view Trust & Safety resources, network with other members, sign up for upcoming events, and share job openings.


#TSCollective Swag

Members of #TSCollective receive swag, such as #TSC sweatshirts, tumblers, and mugs for participating in member events, referring other members, and sharing resources in the membership portal.

Past #TSCollective Webinars

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Detecting positive behavior

Weszt Hart, Head of Player Dynamics at Riot Games, shared their thinking on positive behavior, what it looks like, how it can be measured, and considerations that platforms should take when implementing these tools.
Meta Oversight Board - Hows It Going So Far (1)
Meta Oversight Board - How's It Going So Far?

We've received many questions on how the Oversight Board is doing and what are some of the high-level actions the board is considering & thinking about. Part of the DSA poses questions about a 3rd party board, so trust and safety professionals may be thinking about ways to start their own board or tap into existing resources.
#TSCollabs  Website (1)
The State of Trust & Safety

Compliance doesn't fall on the Trust & Safety team alone. It takes alignment across tech, product, policy, user experience, and leadership to set the foundation for platform updates to prevent fines when new regulations are enacted. Come and hear how our experts are thinking about regulation in 2023 and beyond.

The Application Process

To apply to be a member of #TSCollective, you:

  • Work in Trust & Safety, User Experience, Policy, Product, Compliance, or Engineering at an Online Platform.
  • Work at a partnership organization, accredited institution, or non-profit organization seeking to make the internet a safer, more inclusive space.
  • After you apply, our team reviews your application and will notify you via email within 7 days of your acceptance.
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#TSC in Dublin

Join other members in Dublin for a networking happy hour on June 28th.