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Safety By Design with

The SpectrumGo package provides small and early-stage platforms with essential solutions to protect their communities from day one.

We keep billions of users safe

A scaleable Trust & Safety platform

for growing communities

With SpectrumGo, pre-launch and newly launched apps can utilize our proprietary natural language processing AI and content moderation software at an affordable price. With 50 million API requests monthly, you can scale your coverage as your platform expands.
By partnering with Spectrum Labs, you'll benefit from our years of insight and expertise that currently protect billions of users worldwide across various online platforms, including dating apps, gaming sites, social networks, marketplaces, and e-learning platforms. Our AI content moderation tools are built to prioritize privacy and security by design and are powered by Contextual AI for higher accuracy, precision, and recall in detecting toxic behavior.
Along with AI-driven content moderation, SpectrumGo offers content actioning capabilities that can be customized to follow your community guidelines. For moderation, SpectrumGo also includes a UI designed to boost moderator efficiency in scaling detection and making actioning easy.


50 Million API Requests Per Month

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4 Advanced Behavior Systems


Custom Detection List


Text Use Cases

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Easy to Implement


Moderator UI


Custom Actioning


Moderator Analytics

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Advanced behavior systems

SpectrumGo targets 4 toxic behaviors for detection due to their high prevalence and propensity for harm. We’ve found that these 4 behaviors cover the most common needs for smaller platforms:

  • Insults: Direct attacks against others that create a more hostile online environment.

  • Profanity: Vulgar language that often offends others and contributes to a less pleasant user experience.

  • Hate speech: Attacks or calls for violence against groups of people based on characteristics like race or gender.

  • Sexual content: Explicit adult-oriented conversation or posts that are inappropriate (or even illegal) on platforms where children are present. 

Additionally, Spectrum Labs Go allows you to create Custom Detection Lists of banned terms that fall outside the scope of the standard detection models.

Spectrum Labs Go can detect toxic behavior in text-based chat threads, post captions, photo/video descriptions, and comment sections.

The baseline Spectrum Labs Go package only covers English-language text but additional languages, behaviors, and detection areas are available as add-ons.

Lisa Tran AI/NLP Director of Project Management

“ 96% precision when Trust & Safety professionals tested our content moderation AI in an app chat."

Joyce Souza COO

“Spectrum helps solve the problem of finding a reliable tool for content moderation that generates accurate results.”


Advanced behavior systems

Actioning to Scale

Easy to configure for your community guidelines

Through Spectrum Labs’ Direct Response API, batch and real-time automation occur with a 20 millisecond response time.

In addition to the API response, Spectrum Labs provides webhooks to call a customer’s system whenever behaviors are detected. Through our webhooks, SpectrumGo can easily integrate into your existing workflow tools for both human review and automated content moderation. We offer an event-based webhook framework with action tags that can action content or users based on your platform's custom-configured rules. 

Configured actioning via support ticket is included in SpectrumGo. Additional support services are available as add-ons.

David Brown SVP, Trust & Safety

“Overnight, I saw a 50% reduction in manual moderation of display names."

“Precision is now 10% higher for auto-deleted harmful content after implementing Spectrum Labs' platform.”

Hill Stark, PhD Analytics Manager

"After implementing Spectrum Labs, our customers increased automated moderation to 80-90% of cases. "

Actioning to Scale

Easy to configure for your community guidelines

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Guardian UI

Increase moderator efficiency

SpectrumGo comes ready to use with our built-in Guardian moderator UI. If you already have your own moderation queue, SpectrumGo can integrate into it easily via API.

Our Guardian UI gives your Trust & Safety team the power to moderate toxic behavior at the content level, individual user level, and flagged content from user reports. User-level actioning allows you to remove harmful behavior at the source rather than chasing individual posts – a much more timely and efficient workflow for your moderation team.

Hill Stark, PhD Analytics Manager

"The moderator's time within the queue is reduced on average by 80% when actioning at the user level."

Guardian UI

Increase moderator efficiency

Reporting & Analytics

Automated data collection for

activity reports

With the SpectrumGo package, you can automatically generate moderator activity reports to analyze the efficiency and ROI of your Trust & Safety efforts.

Metrics in the moderator activity reports include:

  • Volume of content that went into the queue.
  • Percentage of content that was automated vs. manually reviewed.
  • Individual moderator actions.
  • SLA for each case to be reviewed by behavior.
  • Additional metrics are available as add-ons.

Activity reports aren't just a novelty – they're becoming a legal requirement across the world (e.g., Europe's Digital Services Act). To learn about what metrics are required for regulatory compliance, download our Regulatory Compliance white paper.

If that sounds too daunting, don't worry! We also offer full-service transparency reporting as an add-on, so you can rest assured that your compliance efforts are executed properly by our partners in global tech policy.

Reporting & Analytics

Automated data collection for

activity reports

Customer Support

A trusted team to help you through the process

The Spectrum Labs self-service portal includes help posts on topics like implementation, UI navigation, and configuring custom detection parameters.

Ticket requests also are available for any further support you may need from our customer success team.

Additional support services are available as an add-on.

"Spectrum is an extension of our team. The level of policy and data expertise is amazing.”

Customer Support

A trusted team to help you through the process

How it Works

Stop toxicity

increase moderator efficiency then analyze what works

spectrumgo spectrumgo

SpectrumGo Add On's

If the Go package does not fulfill your user safety needs, add any of the following add on's to the SpectrumGo package.


Detect toxic content across names such as usernames, room names, and group names.


Customer Support

With this add-on, you will receive 5 hours per month with a dedicated customer success manager and a bi-annual assessment of your overall community health


Language Support

Add detection across languages with our patented multi-language AI. Languages include German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Romanian, Turkish, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Korean, Indonesian, and Thai.


Advanced Behavior Systems

Add additional advanced behavior solutions, including; bullying, CSAM, Radicalization,  Self-Harm, Severe Toxic, Solicitation of Drugs, Solicitation of Sex, Spam, threats, Under 13, and Under 18.


Insights & Analytics

Knowing what toxic behaviors and languages are on your platform is important. Add User Trend Reports to your Go package.


To learn more about the SpectrumGo package, schedule a demo with our team or download the product sheet.

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