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Masterclass | The Wild West of Audio Renaissance

  • Barry Wright, Group Product Manager, Spotify
  • Dayo Akinrinade, Founder, Wisdom
  • Ryan Treichler, VP of Product Management, Spectrum Labs

Audio Chat Moderation Resources

Blog | The Wild West of Audio Renaissance Recap

View the key takeaways and resources shared in the masterclass in this blog!

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On-Demand Virtual Demo

View a quick demo of Spectrum Labs voice moderation solution. The demo will showcase how the solution analyzes the audio directly, instead of sending the audio through transcription services. Working with the audio directly, increases accuracy and reduces the time for audio detection.
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Whitepaper | The Increasing Use of Audio & How to Moderate

Read this whitepaper to learn, the questions to ask when considering moderating audio chat, the problems you may face, and how to moderate audio chat.

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Contact Us to learn more about Spectrum Labs Voice Chat Moderation Solution.

Spectrum Labs AI-driven solution:

  • Detects audio directly on audio files without relying on transcription. This increases accuracy and decreases the chance for error.
  • Uses words that are the worst of the worst that you see in platforms and were chosen based on the main problems platforms are facing.
  • Has a near real-time response time for detection.
  • Has many use cases the solution can support including batch analysis and user level moderation in more live-streaming scenarios.

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