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Why Use AI for Content Moderation

By Katie Zigelman

Moderating your site's content in real-time is an important part of providing customers with a safe and enjoyable user experience. Harmful online behavior like harassment and scamming can do serious damage to your brand.

Having human moderators watching your site can help, but content is generated quicker than a human can review it. This means that some of this bad behavior can slip under your radar. If you're looking to moderate content more quickly and effectively, artificial intelligence (AI) content moderation may be the solution.

How AI Works

In today's terminology, artificial intelligence refers to machines that mimic the way humans think and learn. Artificial intelligence can work to take raw data and turn it into helpful tools, or make predictions about trends. For example, if you want to teach a computer to filter out spam emails, you feed it raw data. Providing an example of what spam emails look like, and what legitimate emails look like.

The computer will learn to recognize certain words, phrases, or formatting used in spam emails and will be able to filter them out. The more data the AI is fed, the quicker and better it will learn

AI is used in a wide variety of applications today. When Amazon offers you product recommendations or Siri helps you decide where to eat dinner, those are examples of AI at work. Artificial intelligence is designed to complement human intelligence and make our lives easier.

A well-designed AI system can work quicker than a human and will usually end up making fewer errors, which means that jobs that are time-consuming for a person can be taught to AI. Businesses can save time and money by using artificial intelligence to help with tasks.

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AI For Content Moderation

The amount of data that gets uploaded to the internet every day is a mindblowing 2.5 quintillion bytes. And whether you run a dating site, a gaming site or another kind of social platform, you know how often inappropriate or harmful content gets posted. A team of human moderators working quickly may be able to handle looking over a small amount of user-generated content. But all it takes is one example of hate speech or harassment or another toxic behavior to slip past a moderator, and your reputation is tarnished.

If harmful content keeps getting past your moderators, it can put your users at risk in the long run. Not to mention that moderation is a tough job for humans - being bombarded by hateful or disturbing content can take its toll.

This is where artificial intelligence can help. AI can be taught to recognize certain patterns of content and certain words. If you're trying to minimize profanity, sexual language, bullying, violence, spam, or fraud on your site, AI can learn to detect this harmful content. By examining what human moderators deem harmful, AI moderators get great examples of what is and isn't acceptable content on your site. 

AI keeps getting smarter every day as technological capabilities increase. In fact, AI is getting better at recognizing not just specific words, but the context of those words. While humans are still better at recognizing the emotion behind content (like sarcasm, for example), AI and humans can work together to effectively monitor content. 

No matter what kind of community you run, there will always be people who will try to get away with unacceptable behavior. Instead of simply accepting this as a fact, it's time to use technology to your advantage. Stay ahead of the trolls with artificial intelligence, and keep your site safe and user-friendly. 

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