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The History of #SaferInternetDay

By Lee Davis

On February 11, 2020, we will once again have the opportunity to celebrate Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day is a day to raise safety and awareness across the country and around the world. While the rise in digital technology has offered unprecedented opportunities for many people, it also brings with it a number of associated risks — and Safer Internet Day aims to help people understand those risks and make safer choices for themselves and their families. 

The Beginnings

Safer Internet Day is the brainchild of company Insafe, which aims to spread education about online safety for both parents and children. As it spread out of Europe in 2009, Safer Internet Day invited the involvement of committees and businesses across the world to help build a safer online community. Insafe, in all its measures, attempts to create a better, safer internet for all users. It spreads awareness, offers education, and even provides a helpline so that people who have questions about online safety can get those questions answered in a safe, secure environment. helps run Safer Internet Day in America. 

How is Safer Internet Day Observed?

Whether you're an individual or a business, you have the opportunity to get involved in Safer Internet Day and spread information and awareness about online safety. 

Observations for Companies

Many companies choose to observe Safer Internet Day by spreading information and awareness about online safety. Businesses that do a great deal of their work digitally may choose to focus on ways to stay safe while enjoying those activities, from online dating sites and apps to social media, marketplace communities, and more. Other business may spread awareness about cybersecurity, phishing, and keeping the business — and the individuals that work within it — as safe as possible online. These businesses may:

  • Host events to help spread internet safety awareness
  • Offer flyers or write blogs about online safety
  • Provide social media content related to online safety

Companies can also help implement many security measures that can help protect their employees, including requiring two-factor authentication to log in to company-required platforms or increasing password security across the organization. In addition, they can choose to sponsor Safer Internet Day to help it grow.

Observing Safer Internet Day as an Individual

You don't have to be a company to help celebrate and observe safer internet day. As an individual, you can:

Choose to pay attention to recommendations and take action to protect yourself. You may, for example, want to update your passwords, use a program like LastPass, or use two-factor authentication to access your most private accounts. 

Read more information about the websites, apps, and platforms you use on a regular basis. Just how safe are the platforms you use most often? What measures do you need to take to protect yourself — and have you been taking them? Education is key for most individuals when it comes to protecting yourself online. Paying careful attention to the information shared throughout Safer Internet Day can help you learn more about how to protect yourself.

Spread the word. Like most people, you likely have a considerable following on social media — not to mention all the people you connect with in person. Safer Internet Day is the perfect opportunity to use your platform to full advantage, sharing information that can help your followers, friends, and family members protect themselves. 

As Safer Internet Day grows, it has helped spread awareness, bring in sponsors, and improve online trust and safety substantially. It takes a village to help keep the internet as safe as possible. How will you participate — both on February 11 and moving forward in the future?

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