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Assessing Your Platforms Digital Safety

Ashley Pierson
September 17, 2021

With the rise of online users and changes in legislation, internet-based companies are being forced to remove unexpected content, moderate ongoing engagement, and ensure the platform is used for good! So, how is the tech industry helping companies moderate its content?

Spectrum Labs data of over 100 billion consumer messages, training in over 50 languages and flagging of 40 negative behaviors partnered with Launch Consulting in creating the Digital Safety Health Assessment.

Launch’s Rapid Digital Safety Health Assessment works within your platform’s unique products and services to highlight terrorism and violent extremism content, hate speech, and online child sexual exploitation.

In this video you will learn about what digital safety is, who is at risk to trust and safety violations, and how Lisa Thee at Launch Consulting is working with Spectrum Labs to help companies recognize where they are with digital safety, the gaps they need to close, and what their journey map looks like to close those gaps. 


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Meet Lisa!

Lisa Thee (Polvi) Launch Consulting Group

Lisa Thee leads Launch Consulting’s Data for Good practice, helping the world’s most innovative healthcare, and global technology companies to improve digital safety, anti-toxicity, and apply AI for innovation. As an entrepreneur, Lisa was the CEO and Co-Founder of Minor Guard, AI software company focused on making children safer online and in real life, and a TEDx speaker. She is the Co-Author of Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise and the Navigating Forward podcast host.

Watch recording of Age Does Matter Virtual Master Class with Roo Powell, Lisa Thee and Kris McGuffie to learn about how platforms can keep underage users safe.

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