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Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin

Recent Posts by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin:

by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on October 7, 2020

The upcoming election seems to be highlighting an increasing division in the United States. And social media is strongly suspected to have played a significant role in this division. A …

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Topics:trust and safety2020 Election

by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on July 21, 2020

This month, we are inviting online platforms and communities of all sizes to commit to returning the Internet to a place of healthy connection, free from hate speech, harassment, predators …

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by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on July 21, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has turned the world upside down. As governments around the world allow their countries to open up again, there will be a new set of rules and …

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Topics:COVID-19dating apps

by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on May 1, 2020

Whether they help members find a quick fling, a lasting relationship or something in between – all dating apps consider user safety to be important. That belief has informed many …

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Topics:UrSafeAnthony OyogoaCOVID-19Justin Davisdating apps

by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on April 23, 2020

Caste Discrimination, treating members of certain Indian castes poorly, happens in online communities. It takes many forms: derogatory jokes, slurs, “outing” people as Dalits, etc. To help online communities recognize …

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by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on April 21, 2020

Companies in spaces like social networking, video game development, online marketplaces, and dating apps typically don't have the bandwidth to do their own content moderation. Usually, they outsource it to …

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by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on March 23, 2020

When we think about social gaming, we think about massive multiplayer online games (MMOs) like World of Warcraft, intense arena games like League of Legends, and sweat-inducing battle royale games …

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Topics:GamingLeague of LegendsInitiativesSegaWorld of WarcraftFortniteAtariMarch GamingOverwatch

by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on March 19, 2020

At Spectrum Labs, we're always interested in gaming companies that challenge public perceptions of toxicity and use behavioral science techniques to reign in negative and highly-toxic language. One of the …

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Topics:RiotJeff LinGamingGDC 2013League of LegendsInitiativescyberbullyingMarch Gaming

by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on March 10, 2020

We’re happy to announce we’ve joined the Online Dating Association, a UK-based consortium of dating companies and dating-app focused technology providers whose mission is to establish standards and safeguards to …

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Topics:dating appsSpectrum Labs News

by Daisy Soderberg-Rivkin, on February 12, 2020

Dating apps: they're a great way to connect with potential dates that you might not otherwise meet on your own, expanding your pool of potential dates and increasing the odds …

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Topics:Initiativesdating apps#saferinternetdaycatfishing