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Katie Zigelman

Recent Posts by Katie Zigelman:

by Katie Zigelman, on September 17, 2020

Often, the first step for individuals that create an account to interact on an online platform is selecting a username. This could be on a social platform, a dating app, …

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Topics:social mediapeer-to-peer marketplacescontent moderationdating appsusername moderation

by Katie Zigelman, on July 6, 2020

A guests post by Oleg Gervalov, Co-Founder and COO of Dating Apps KeYou and Loft. Cybersecurity is one of the critical issues that almost every app developer faces. Sooner or …

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Topics:Oleg Gervalovdating appsFraudGrindr

by Katie Zigelman, on May 22, 2020

As artificial intelligence keeps emerging in the digital world, a new job role is gaining momentum - data labeling. Data labelers review data and images generated by users and identify …

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Topics:Initiativesmental health

by Katie Zigelman, on April 7, 2020

This episode of The Brief originally aired on April 7, 2020. You can listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or watch the live video recording on YouTube. In …

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Topics:caste discriminationThe Brief

by Katie Zigelman, on March 24, 2020

Consider the following chat messages: “Kill yourself” "You suck, dumba**” “You play like a girl” “I’m gonna shoot you” Without context each of these messages could be perfectly innocent examples …

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Topics:GamingInitiativestrash-talkingcyberbullyingContextual AIMarch Gaming

by Katie Zigelman, on March 17, 2020

As social gaming continues to mature and expand across the gaming industry, almost every socially-driven video game is running into a core issue. Player toxicity (e.g., misogyny, racism, sexual grooming, …

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Topics:GamingValveInitiativesBlizzardMarch GamingOverwatchMinerva

by Katie Zigelman, on March 17, 2020

This episode of The Brief originally aired on March 3, 2020. You can listen to the full episode on Apple Podcasts or watch the live recording on YouTube. In 2018, …

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Topics:Human TraffickingThe Briefbrenda guardadodating appscoffee meets bagelinterviews

by Katie Zigelman, on March 12, 2020

Even humans who speak the same language speak in different dialects, depending upon where they're from. It's only natural for a group of people to develop a special way to …

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Topics:social mediaGamingLanguageLeet SpeekMarch Gaming

by Katie Zigelman, on March 4, 2020

Young children in the age groups under 15 are a huge sector in the video gaming market. With fewer pressures and responsibilities than older teenagers and young adults, these younger …

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Topics:GamingPlaystation 4RobloxInitiativesXboxFortniteMinecraftMarch GamingNintendo Switch

by Katie Zigelman, on February 29, 2020

Understanding how other Trust & Safety teams are managing their business can help you make more informed decisions about your own. In that spirit, we’ve launched a survey to gather …

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