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The Brief, Episode 22: Understanding Caste Discrimination ft. Beena Pallical, General Secretary, NCDHR (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights)

By Lee Davis


This episode of The Brief originally aired on June 29, 2020. You can listen to this episode of The Brief on Spotify or watch the live recording on YouTube.

Beena J. Pallical is General Secretary of Economic and Educational Rights for the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights(NCDHR). In this episode, Beena gives us a background on caste discrimination--where it comes from and what it looks like in the real world. Her expertise provides a window into the importance of detecting caste discrimination—both in the real world, and in our case, in the written conversations that people are having online.

Over the last 10 years, Beena has worked passionately with the NCDHR on economic justice and gender equity issues. She works to change policy toward marginalized communities within Central and State governments and advocates to include the voices of Dalit women in policy formulation.

Before you listen to this episode, you may want to listen to Episode 10 (featuring Amitabh Kumar & Justin Davis) and Episode 20 with Katie Zigelman to get a background on how Spectrum Labs is using AI technology to build a model that is able to detect text-based caste discrimination online.

- Beena Pallical, General Secretary of Economic and Educational Rights, NCDHR (LinkedIn)

- Hosted by: Meredith Reed

Additional Links:
- Watch Beena speak on caste inequality:
- NCDHR website:
- Report on Dalit Women in South Asia:

Listen to Episode 22 of The Brief on Spotify or watch the live recording on YouTube.


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