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Online dating safely with UrSafe and Spectrum Labs

By Katie Zigelman


Whether they help members find a quick fling, a lasting relationship or something in between – all dating apps consider user safety to be important. 

That belief has informed many of their decisions, from what product features to develop, to what guidelines to issue, to how to manage issues, and many more. That belief has also compelled some of the biggest dating apps in the world to work with us.  Our context-sensing technology helps them recognize and respond to bad behaviors — like harassment, threats, and even sex trafficking (yes, it happens on dating apps) — on their platforms. 

But, what about in real life? Sure, video dating has taken off during our shift to a shelter-in-place society, but dating is an in-person activity.

Enter UrSafe, 

UrSafe is the first and only hands-free, voice-activated personal safety app fully integrated with 911 in over 200 countries. Users can share their location with friends and family in real time and, when in danger, discreetly call local law enforcement and start a recording using designated safe words. A host of other important features are set to launch as countries begin to relax shelter-in-place mandates. 

UrSafe CEO and Co-Founder Anthony Oyogoa was a recent guest on our podcast, The Brief. He and host Meredith Reed talked about UrSafe’s unique features and reflected on the safety risks present in our daily lives.


“We created UrSafe to adapt to people’s modern safety and security needs (regardless of who they are, what they do, or where they live) to empower everyone to live a life without fear.”

— Anthony Oyogoa, Co-Founder/CEO of UrSafe


“Folks finally have time to thoughtfully approach connecting with others, now that life has slowed down. Naturally, dating app usage has exploded. These apps turn to Spectrum Labs to keep their members safe online.

But, meeting for a date in person will happen again – and when it does, physical safety will be just as important as it was before.

UrSafe is a modern solution for physical safety and we’re proud to partner with them to provide the dating industry with best-in-class safety technology.”

— Justin Davis, CEO of Spectrum Labs


Over the coming months we’ll announce more aspects of our partnership.  Until then, consider trying out UrSafe once you begin to emerge from your home and re-enter your community.

See how you can protect your online dating community.

Learn more about how Spectrum Labs can help you create the best user experience on your platform.