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The Brief: Building a caste discrimination model with Katie Zigelman of Spectrum Labs

By Lee Davis

This episode of The Brief originally aired on June 15, 2020. You can watch the live recording on YouTube.

Meet Spectrum Labs' Head of Product & Client Services, Katie Zigelman. She works closely with Spectrum Labs' engineering team to build products that enable customers to reach their trust & safety goals.

Katie is the product owner of Spectrum’s caste discrimination model that we talked about in Episode 10 of The Brief with Ami Kumar, Founder of Social Media Matters.

On Episode 10, Ami and Spectrum Labs' CEO Justin Davis covered our "why": Why build a model that detects online caste discrimination? Why does it matter?

On this episode, Katie picks up the conversation where we left off and focuses on our "how": How can artificial intelligence be used to detect online caste discrimination? How do you build a model that actually works?

Katie discusses many aspects of building our model, such as data labeling, character-based models, platform integration, and the unique challenge of detection in multiple languages.

Featured Guest: Katie Zigelman, Head of Product & Client Services, Spectrum Labs
- Hosted by:
Meredith Reed, Marketing & Content

Watch the live recording of Episode 20 of The Brief on YouTube.

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