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Trust & Safety Challenges in Gaming

By Lee Davis

Back in early February we were in deep GDC prep mode. We had begun researching and writing about the video game industry’s unique Trust & Safety challenges. We started scheduling interviews with gamers for our podcast, The Brief. We were timing the launch of all this content to the start of GDC, anticipating drafting off all the attention the convention typically gets.

Then COVID-19 happened.

With GDC canceled, we considered shelving this initiative. But when the shelter-in-place orders were announced, we realized that this content was just as valuable, if not more so, now that lots of people were going to start playing video games even more.

So, we’re happy to share this initiative. We summarize the rise of in-game social interaction, look at Leet Speak, review an old but still very relevant GDC presentation on Riot’s efforts to curb toxicity, review some newer effects by other gaming companies and round things out by highlighting the special safety needs of younger players.

Happy reading!


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