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Meet the Co-Founder of Fair Play Alliance

By Ashley Pierson

Spectrum Labs is happy to announce its upcoming master class panelist and new Spectrum Labs advisor, Co-Founder of Fair Play Alliance, Kim Voll.

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Meet Kim!

Kim is a game designer, researcher, and programmer who specialises in digital social dynamics and artificial intelligence. She is particularly passionate about our obligations and opportunities to create more healthy and inclusive online spaces by design. A lifelong game developer, she spent several years as a principal technical designer at Riot Games, where she led the company’s player-behaviour efforts and co-created the player dynamics design discipline.  In 2017, she co-founded the Fair Play Alliance, a professional organisation of over 200 gaming companies centred on sharing craft knowledge to support healthier, more welcoming online spaces. Through the FPA she co-authored the Disruption and Harms in Gaming Framework in collaboration with the ADL, published in 2020. In the past Kim has released several independent games, including Fantastic Contraption for VR and co-founded and ran her own gaming studio. Formally, she has a PhD in computer science and honours degree in cognitive science, and was a professor for nearly a decade before moving into games and tech full time. 

1. What are you most excited about the event? 

While helping build a better digital future is incredibly rewarding, the practical realities of running a business can often make investing toward such outcomes seem challenging or even impossible. But there are effective ways to rethink trust and safety practices to help make them a part of any company, and when done well the result is not just a safe, healthier community, but a more effective, healthier business and a happier team. I'm especially excited to have a chance to share some of those insights and to help others achieve more in this space.

2. What do you think the audience will take away from the panel? 

My hope is that the audience will leave with a deeper understanding of how to think about and operationalize trust and safety, and why investing in this space isn't just the right thing to do for your community but for your business, too. This includes how to identify and assess outcomes, risk assessments, and how to have priority conversations and think about how to best integrate trust and safety into your business.

3. Why are you joining Spectrum as an advisor? What do you want to achieve through the mission, vision, and products of Spectrum's?

I'm passionate about helping people co-exist more harmoniously online, and I'm excited to support Spectrum's quest toward a more amazing digital future. Access to high quality content assessment and moderation is such an important part of the quest to foster healthier, more inclusive online spaces. By integrating these tools and improving our ability to predict and understand what is happening within our communities we can in turn better serve them, while using that information to improve our product practices all the way from ideation to live services.  

4. Leave us in suspense about what you will talk about.

I think bringing trust and safety into the mix is achievable for almost any company, but it requires a commitment bottom-up and top-down. We'll talk about what that can look like and how to get there including how to think about and assess efforts, and how to achieve buy-in whether you're at the top or not.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Kim!

Watch the recording of the master class | build a competitive advantage with trust and safety

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If you are interested in learning more about Fair Play Alliance, visit their website.

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