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Interview with the Head of Trust & Safety at IRL

By Ashley Pierson

Spectrum Labs is happy to announce its new member of #TSCollective and speaker at the Master Class on October 27th, Rey Allie, Head of Trust & Safety at IRL.

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Meet Rey!

Rey Allie is a Trust & Safety (T&S) executive with deep expertise in platform policy, content moderation, product strategy and responsible innovation.  He currently serves as the Head of Trust & Safety at IRL, the leading group messaging social network focused on groups, events, and interest-based communities. Previously he built and led the T&S team at Picsart, was one of the founding members of TikTok’s global T&S team, led threat investigation and part of the safety content moderation team at Twitter, and held roles in risk analysis and intelligence at Uber and Google. He attended Dartmouth College where his coursework and research focused on International Relations and Asian & Middle Eastern studies.  

1. What are you most excited with the event? 

Within the last few years the importance of trust and safety teams have grown within companies, and the public, press, and regulators have all begun paying attention to these teams. However, the idea of a singularly “trust and safety team” is incomplete, most companies need a holistic trust and safety strategy that transcends just one team; and instead becomes horizontal across the entire corporate structure.  To serve users trust and safety needs to be built into the product, considered in marketing, evident in support channels, communicated to partners, and something that is discussed within all levels of an organization. I am excited to share best practices on how to build T&S throughout your organization and how to measure the impact of safety.

2. What do you think the audience will take away from the panel? 

My goal is to help the audience understand the importance of T&S being integrated into the company and product and provide some strategies for doing this. Additionally, I want to help shed light on how trust and safety should be a support function and resource to everyone at the company but also have a seat at the table for strategic decision making.

3. Leave us in suspense of what you will talk about.

I’ll share an example of how a trust and safety function I helped build contributed to business metrics and monetization and how you can counter the narrative that trust and safety is a cost center.

Watch the on-demand master class with Rey Allie, Jeff Hanlon and Kim Voll to learn how to make trust and safety a priority at your company.

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If you are interested in learning more about IRL, visit their website.

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