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The Brief, Episode 23: Safeguarding Apps Designed for Kids ft. Vernon Jones, Head of Safety, MovieStarPlanet

By Lee Davis

This episode of The Brief originally aired on July 7, 2020. You can listen to this episode of The Brief on Spotify or watch the live recording on YouTube.

Vernon Jones in the Head of Safety for MovieStarPlanet, a social network and game for kids. MovieStarPlanet encourages kids to develop their creativity by letting them virtually design their own clothes, movies, Artbooks and more.

Vernon is a registered social worker with over 25 years of experience dedicated to safeguarding children. Prior to MovieStarPlanet, Vernon worked in the Statutory Social Services Department in the UK and Denmark, and as a lobbyist for children's rights at Save the Children.

By applying his past experience working the frontlines of child safety to the online gaming and social networking spaces, Vernon is making the gaming world a healthier and safer place for kids to play.

Vernon Jones, Head of Safety, MovieStarPlanet
Hosted by: Meredith Reed

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Listen to Episode 23 of The Brief on Spotify. You can view the live recording on YouTube.

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