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Interview with the Group Product Manager of Spotify

By Ashley Pierson

Spectrum Labs is happy to announce one of the panelists for the Masterclass recorded on January 20th, Barry Wright, Group Product Manager at Spotify!

Meet Barry Wright!

Barry Wright is a product management leader with experience across education technology, advertising technology, and audio platforms.  He is currently working as a Group Product Manager at Spotify, leading a team of product managers working across multiple aspects of Trust and Safety, including content moderation and legal policy management.  Previously, he led the development of online video and television advertising optimization systems for major global agencies and broadcasters, and developed mathematics courseware solutions.  He attended Duke University, where he studied pure and applied mathematics.  He also works in the arts, as a co-founder and board president of Highwire Improv, a Baltimore-based improvisational theater company.

1. What are you most excited about the masterclass?

I'm really excited that audio specifically is garnering attention in the Trust and Safety space.  While text, images, and video are important, we can underestimate the ubiquity and power of audio.  Further, as media continues to evolve and become more interactive, products are naturally taking a course from text to audio, which means the importance of good policy, enforcement, and technology in the space is going to be critical.

2. What do you think the audience will take away from the panel?

Audio is not one experience!  I'll help the audience understand the importance of form, function, and context in considering audio, and I think the audience will gain a nuanced perspective in hearing voices from multiple different products with different applications of the audio medium.

3. Leave us in suspense about what you will talk about.

I'll walk through an example of how a single piece of audio content might be interpreted differently with different given circumstances - an overview of all of the 'lenses' we need to consider in the audio environment.
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As we enter a multi-sensory metaverse, audio is playing a bigger role in how we experience online. With the rise of this audio renaissance, we are seeing actions such as spammers taking on new forms and negatively impacting our online experience. Join Wisdom, Spotify, Epic Games and Spectrum Labs to learn how they are moderating audio content moderation.

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