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Spectrum Labs CMO, On How to Keep the Metaverse Safe

By Spectrum Labs

In early March, Spectrum Labs CMO, Tiffany Xingu Wang, helped Cheddar News kick off Women's History Month by speaking with Alicia Nieves on keeping the metaverse safe.

“The metaverse actually transcends the Internet we're living in today. And this immersive, persistent, interoperable and fantasized universe will bring us so much potential, but also danger because it really accelerates the velocity and increases the exposure of toxicity,” Tiffany warns. We’ve made mistakes with Web 2.0, but we have the opportunity to get it right with the metaverse.

How can businesses go about building safer and more inclusive online communities as we continue to start this entry into the metaverse? Tiffany points to Spectrum Lab’s approach, which it calls safety-by-design. This approach makes Trust & Safety a core feature of every platform, from community policies to all features. 

“Trust is really the new digital transformation and it should not be a silo; a task solely belongs to the Chief Security Officer, or Chief Privacy Officer,” she tells Cheddar News. “It should be a priority for all the C suite and a whole company to rally around from every perspective.”

In the Creator Economy, Creators are Mini-CEOs

Social media and streaming platforms are the new foundations on which creators of all kinds are building their businesses. It’s a big business, expected to top $104 billion in 2022, and continue growing at remarkable rates.

“Creators are the new mini CEOs …they create content, evangelize their work, and in the process, create community and revenue for the platforms. We need to think about how to keep creators safe on the platforms, and in the metaverse,” said Tiffany. 

Just like it is in Web 2.0 platforms, Trust & Safely will be both a platform differentiator and a business driver in the metaverse. The communities that prioritize it, Xingu-Wang predicts, will be the ones that stand the test of time. Those that don’t will suffer reputational risks which can have business-ending consequences.

As we build the basement, and even the ground floor, of the metaverse, Tiffany advises business and community leaders to hire diverse teams, as well as deploy proactive AI technology to drive safety and ensure that all processes reflect safety as a core of growth. 

About Tiffany Xingu-Wang

Cheddar News was keen to include Tiffany  as part of its Women’s History Month celebrations because of her deep experience and pioneering spirit. She has worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, prior to moving to the US and has served as an operator, advisor and investor in mission-driven enterprises from finance, clean energy, and Internet safety.

About Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs harnesses the power of data, AI, and community to rebuild trust in the Internet, making it a safer, more valuable place for businesses, consumers, and societies. Spectrum Labs’ AI-based Trust & Safety platform identifies toxic behaviors across languages, text, and voice, enabling Trust & Safety teams to collapse content moderation costs by 50% and increase detection of brand-destroying behaviors by 10x. Contact our team,

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