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The Brief: Personal safety tech for real life with UrSafe

By Lee Davis

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This episode of The Brief originally aired on April 6 2020. You can watch the live video recording on YouTube.

We discuss how online safety translates to real-world safety with Anthony Oyogoa, M.D., CEO and Cofounder of UrSafe. The UrSafe app is a hands-free, voice-activated personal safety interface that empowers users to stay safe anytime, anywhere.

Many online platforms -- dating apps, rideshare services, peer-to-peer marketplaces, etc. -- connect strangers in the virtual world and then transition into a real-world encounter. The UrSafe app enables its users to mitigate their risk, both by (a) deterring potential offenders by its presence; and (b) facilitating a rapid emergency response if a dangerous situation were to arise.

UrSafe recently announced the launch of their "Follow Me" feature, a cutting-edge geolocation service that enables the user to share their location with one or more trusted contacts. The app provides these contacts with the ability to track and view the user's location for as long as the user would like.

UrSafe empowers users around the globe by providing a simple way to discretely record audio and video if a questionable or dangerous situation should arise. It also empowers the family and friends of the user by offering the ability to know the user's location and gives them the chance to respond quickly if the user is ever in need of help.

- Anthony Oyogoa, M.D., CEO and Co-Founder of UrSafe ( |
- Hosted by: Meredith Reed

Watch the live video recording on YouTube.

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