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The Wild West of Audio Renaissance

On-Demand Masterclass

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As we enter a multi-sensory metaverse, audio is playing a bigger role in how we experience online. With the rise of this audio renaissance, we are seeing actions such as spammers and dog piling taking on new forms and negatively impacting our online experience. Audio is a burgeoning frontier for trust & safety as we consider policies, enforcement, and technology to help us respond to this movement.

In this masterclass, our panelists will discuss some of the complex ideas around audio moderation like data privacy, transcription vs proactive detection, and what actions should be taken to keep a community safe.

Key Takeaways:

  • What companies can do to reduce toxic behavior from audio chat
  • Audio chat moderation vs experiential audio moderation
  • Data Privacy and Best Practices with audio
  • Moderating audio in different environments: gaming, dating, and social


  • Barry Wright, Group Product Manager, Spotify
  • Dayo Akinrinade, Founder, Wisdom
  • Ryan Treichler, VP of Product Management, Spectrum Labs

Watch the On-Demand Masterclass