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An exclusive community of Trust & Safety champions

#TSCollective is a global community of Trust & Safety champions from different industries, community types, and geographies united by a passion for building great online communities. It's a space to hangout, ask questions, collaborate, and share best practices around your work in the Trust & Safety community!

Why join #TSCollective?

  • The opportunity to be a member of a trust and safety group with other like minded champions for change
  • Monthly virtual collaborations with expert speakers from Spectrum Labs masterclasses and other #TSCollective members
  • Invitations to invite only virtual and in person networking events such as happy hours, coffee meetups and wine nights
  • Special access to our library of industry whitepapers through the TSC portal
  • #TSCollective swag 

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" Joining the T&S Collective has been such a great experience. Working in Trust and Safety can feel isolating and it's so incredible to work closely with my peers to find solutions for emerging issues and forming cross-platform relationships. I'm incredibly thankful for the support, insights, and camaraderie I've gained from this group and continue to look forward to what we can accomplish together! "

Brittany Galvan, Director of Trust & Safety, Handshake
" The TSC has brought me a community I didn't even know I needed. What started as a way to share ideas about Trust & Safety has turned into a movement to make the Internet a safer place for everyone."
Jeff Hanlon Sr. Director, Customer Care & Education, Together Labs
"I am proud to be a founding member of TSC because it gives me the opportunity to learn from leading T&S professionals doing great things for many companies around the world. There is a growing realization that youth are not only online, but that technology may be having negative effects on their health and safety. It is incredibly important that we are having these conversations today and that we continue to lead them into the future. From my experiences, everyone in the TSC group cares immensely about users and understands that it takes a village to create impact."
Sean Herman, Founder CEO of Kinzoo
" #TSCollective has quickly become a vital resource; it's a passionate community that goes beyond putting another business association on our resume. "
Barry Wright, Group Product Manager, Spotify
"The value of the Trust & Safety Collective is in the community! Trust & Safety work is so vital to companies, however it is a relatively new function that is constantly evolving. Having a community of knowledgeable, experienced, and incredibly thoughtful professionals to learn from, as well as brainstorm and benchmark with has been game changing."
Rey Allie, Head of Trust and Safety, IRL
" I joined the #TSC because I wanted to meet like-minded Trust and Safety leaders with a passion for collaborating and making online experiences a safer, more inclusive space for everyone.

A problem shared is a problem halved. I have found this to be true more than ever now that I am part of #TSC. #TSC allows T&S leaders from all over the world to share the challenges and problems they face and receive valuable real-time feedback and advice. "

Aoife McGuinness, Trust and Safety Manager, Wildlife Studios
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"#TSCollective is the T&S community I've been looking for. It's full of such experienced professionals that you're sure to get any question you may have answered and find the right folks to partner with to tackle hairy problems."
Emily McDonnell, VP, Trust & Safety, Remind
" I've found tremendous value in being a founding member of the #TSCollective! Not only do you get to network with other Trust & Safety professionals but you also get access to an immense knowledge share. So whether you're talking about policies, sharing experiences about working in this industry or even trading best practices, the collective continues to deliver on its promise of building community in the Trust & Safety world!. "
Theon Freeman, Head of Community at Minerva