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We can help you recognize and respond

to toxic behaviors harming your community

more accurately, and faster. Once you contact

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On average, we help platforms reduce content moderation efforts by 50% and increase detection of toxic behaviors by 10x. 

At Spectrum Labs, our goal is to make the Internet a safer and more valuable place for all. Contact us to learn more about how our customizable AI solution can help your online platform:

  • recognize and respond to toxicity in real-time and across languages
  • make your community a safer place
  • safeguard your audiences
  • increase brand loyalty and user engagement
  • maximize moderator productivity. 


In Spectrum Labs, we have a partner who is in the trenches with us. As we roll out new services powered by them, we're seeing great results" 


To build a services that helps inspire people to find and do what they love, we have to deliberately engineer a safe and positive experience. That's why we partner with Spectrum Labs." 


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