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Detect & Stop Disruptive Behaviors in Your Community

Toxic user behavior in online communities is a massive, accelerating problem.  Hate speech, bullying and spam drive users away and erode your brand value.  Underage users and sex solicitation create legal risks. 

Spectrum Labs detects harmful behaviors in text and voice content across languages.  Our Contextual AI finds behaviors that other solutions miss.  We help you take automated, effective action to protect your users and build a brighter, growing community.

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"Spectrum Labs' platform enabled us to more confidently detect when in-text disruptive behavior has occurred, which led to 3.3 million time-based penalties in 2021." 



Project Purple  LinkedIn & Twitter Post (1)-1"Spectrum Labs' product allows us to catch any malicious content early and act upon it as needed."

Theon Freeman | Head of Community, Minerva


Project Purple  LinkedIn & Twitter Post (2)"Spectrum Labs was extremely easy to integrate. We were up and running in a few days."

Michelle Kennedy | CEO and Founder, Peanut


Project Purple  LinkedIn & Twitter Post (5)"Overnight I saw a 50% reduction in manual moderation of display names."

David Brown | SVP, Trust and Safety, The Meet Group


Project Purple  LinkedIn & Twitter Post (7)"Spectrum Labs has brought a whole new meaning to the word partnership for me."

Aoife McGuinness | Trust and Safety Manager, Wildlife Studios



Sophisticated Behavior Detection

Some toxic behaviors are easy to find, but others depend on context.  Our Contextual AI looks at metadata from user activity on your platform like conversations, when and where they happen, and past user behaviors. This reveals patterns to find behaviors that other solutions miss.

  • the-green-arrow Hate Speech & Radicalization
  • the-green-arrow Sexual Content
  • the-green-arrow Bullying & Harassment
  • the-green-arrow CSAM Grooming
  • the-green-arrow Scams/Spam
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Every community has different content moderation policies and needs.
See how we’ve helped Trust & Safety professionals in your industry.


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Trust & Safety Infrastructure for the Next Decade

We combine big-data AI technology with Trust & Safety expertise.  We offer the only content moderation solution based on Contextual AI and continue to invest in innovation.  Our Trust & Safety experts consult with you to help achieve your goals.

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Other companies

Poor coverage of complex changing behaviors

Not configurable to meet unique needs

Slow and expensive to add new languages

Not scalable to handle increasing volume

Lack important components to achieve results

Spectrum Labs

Cutting-edge Contextual AI behavior detection

Patented AI multi-language approach

Automated, effective user- and content-level action

Analytics for visibility & dedicated customer success

Active community of Trust & Safety professionals

Moderate for a Global Audience

Online toxicity doesn't only happen in English, it happens in all languages.  Spectrum Labs' patented multi-language approach helps you detect and add new languages quickly and easily to protect users in all languages and regions. 

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Guardian by Spectrum Labs

Moderate Efficiently

Guardian’s moderation queue displays cases in priority order with information for decisions.

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Scale Efforts

Build nuanced, automated responses to guideline violations in Guardian's Automation Builder.

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Monitor Health

Easily report on community health against KPIs and benchmarks using Guardian’s analytics dashboard.

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When we work together and learn from each other we build a brighter Internet for all.

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